Real Estate MLS Listing

What is this, how does it work?

MLS stands for multiple listing service. Every home for sale listed by a real estate agent, unless it is specifically exempted from MLS, will be listed in MLS. However, only real estate agents and other professional affiliates can access MLS, but that doesn’t mean a home buyer or home seller can’t get the same information — just not directly.

Back in the old days, like the 1990s, MLS information was available in printed format. Books were published monthly; updates weekly. It was quite heavy and cumbersome to haul around but fortunately for everyone, today it’s online.

MLS is a sharing of comprehensive home information among real estate professionals. Listing brokers enter the data about a home for sale and offer to share the commission with a broker who brings a buyer in an effort to broaden the seller’s ability to get their house sold. It’s an online software that contains all the specifics about a home, from the address, age, square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, upgrades and schools districts to types of financing the seller will consider, and more. There is generally at least one to sixty photographs of the home, plus a link to a virtual tour, if one exists.

Home buyers make the mistake of believing they can access this information through online feeds to other services, but the data the public can receive is often inaccurate, limited in scope and outdated.

When listing a home in MLS, a Realtor will:

Establish the right sale price.

This is the first major step is selling your home.  If you price your home too high, you will waste valuable time. If you set the price too low, you stand to lose money.  By working with a professional Realtor, you will have access to the many valuable tools that a Multiple Listing Service offers to help you better achieve a fair and competitive sales price.

Find a Qualified Buyer

Multiple Listing Service, maximizing the exposure of your home to qualified buyers who are represented by other Realtors. In addition to the MLS, a full service marketing plan will be used.


A Realtor will work with you and the buyer to successfully close the sale of your home.   When a buyer makes an offer that is several thousand dollars less than your asking price, your Realtor will advise you through the process of whether to remain firm or make a counter offer.

Buyer Financing

Realtors work closely with financial institutions on a daily basis.  With their assistance your buyer will be able to obtain the financing that they need.


A closing can be very overwhelming to both buyer and seller. There are many details to consider such as loan payoffs, taxes, title insurance and the money due at closing. Your Realtor is well versed on this exercise and will take you though to the finish with ease.

So if you are interested in listing your property, call a professional Realtor at Alta Realty today. Any one of their professional agents will be happy to walk you through the process. They can show you a typical listing agreement form which is used in Idaho or Wyoming, written by attorneys for either State and answer any further questions you may have to guide you through the selling process.

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